Nordic Honeymoon

After our wedding on 9/11/220 we went to our honeymoon in Nordens Ark, it was a magical weekend where we saw all the animals come out of their hiding, almost as if they were coming for us ☺️ the owl turned its head in 360 degrees, the wolf appeared from behind the tree, the wild dogs were playful, the snow leopards were either sleeping or fighting, the Japanese cranes did a loud call and the male guarded the female when it was raining, the reindeer was pissed at me cause I tried to grab it’s attention, the wolverine was running all over the place and the red panda only appeared when all other people left, it was red and glorious, later we knew it had 2 small babies in its home! 
Behind us is the aurora that we wish to see together one day, and the big moon and purple mountains of my home country ☺💗
Happy late 2 month anniversary and early birthday älskling ☺💗 to many more 💕

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